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How to Score the Best Internships in Philadelphia


Posted on May 1, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

Senior internships are often a gateway to job openings come graduation. Through an internship, students have the best opportunity to show prospective employers that they’re hard workers, fit into the work environment and have the skillset to complete their job responsibilities.

As a senior, succeeding in an internship is extremely advantageous since you’ll be graduating and looking for a job. A good fit might be at a company where you’ve already worked and the staff knows you. 

However, the first step is landing an internship that’s useful to you and your professional development. If you want to score the best senior internship in the Philadelphia area, Delaware Valley University is here to help. Read on to learn some tips about landing an internship.

• Optimize your résumé. An up-to-date, optimized résumé is a must for students who are looking for a senior internship. You need to have all of your recent positions listed with descriptions so an internship program manager can see that you’re a hard-working student with experience.

It’s also vital to customize your résumé for the internship for which you’re applying. You should first list previous positions that best apply to your prospective internship. Also, you can look at the description of the internship responsibilities and optimize your previous job descriptions to reflect your related experience. This will show an internship coordinator that you’re qualified for the position.

• Use DelVal’s internship resources. DelVal provides seniors with multiple resources that are useful for securing great internships in the Philadelphia area. With DelVal ExperienceLink, you can search for online postings of internships. When you find one that suits you, you can upload your résumé and apply immediately. 

At the Center for Student Professional Development, DelVal students can find assistance with writing cover letters and résumés. Our staff knows what employers look for in these two crucial elements, so making sure they read well is important. Students can visit the Center for Student Professional Development website for helpful tips or can schedule an appointment by calling 215.489.2448.

Students can also take advantage of Internships USA, a website that posts internship openings for college students. With more than 2,800 organizations posting open internship positions, you’ll have a strong opportunity to find an internship that works well for you.

• Find an internship in which you’re interested. When you look for a senior internship, you should find one that interests you and to which you’ll be devoted. Don’t accept an internship just so you can list it on your résumé. 

When you’re interested in an internship, you’ll find yourself dedicated to completing tasks effectively and will notice that you enjoy heading to work and learning how the company or organization operates. The work that you accomplish during your internship should help you gain skills that will benefit you in the working world. When you’re invested in your internship, your work will show your dedication and will make you a more appealing candidate in the eyes of the hiring manager.

Scoring a senior internship is a great way to boost your potential of securing a full-time job come graduation. By preparing your résumé and finding an internship that you’re interested in through DelVal’s resources, you’ll be poised to land a great one.

DelVal students can schedule an appointment with the Center for Student Professional Development to speak with a career counselor about finding the right internship in the Philadelphia area.