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Our last first day


Posted on April 1, 2014 by Bailey Young '14.

Courtesy: Bailey Young Bailey Young '14

January 13, 2014 was a day that some of us dreaded and some of us couldn't wait to come, our last first day of school. Not only were we facing the stress and anxiety that comes with entering our last semester, but there was a rather large structure that stirred curiosity in every student at DelVal, the Life Sciences Building. This semester was full of change for everyone on campus, but for us seniors all we wanted was a chance to take a class in this new building, because well, it's our last chance.

As exciting as entering this semester was it is also pretty stressful, what do we do after graduation, where do we go, how will we survive without the relationships we made here with friends, teachers, advisers, teammates?

For the past four years we have been a family and DelVal has been our home. As exciting as it may be to "get out," I think it’s safe to say I'm not the only one who is terrified to leave. We've waited, studied, and prayed for this day to come for 21 years and now that it's less than three months away, it's exhilarating, terrifying and emotional all in one.

This semester is challenging, we have to study our hearts out while keeping our emotions in check throughout senior portraits, class rings, graduation announcements, job applications, grad school applications... I can't believe it's this close and while it is sad and scary, I will admit it's exciting to think in three months we can yell as one on the quad… WE DID IT!  Congrats Class of 2014... We’re so close!