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How to train for a 5K


Posted on March 3, 2015 by By Felix Moreno, Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach and Track & Field Coach.

Courtesy: Delaware Valley College Some runners from Team DelVal at the Travis Manion Foundation's Heroes Run.

Phase 1 (Base Work):  This is a six-week training approach. Run at an easy pace four times per week. Do one interval training session per week. For example: run three minutes five times, or four minutes four times, or five minutes three times at one minute slower than your race pace with one-minute recovery per interval. Do one long run per week that is two to three times the distance of the run you are training for.

Phase 2 (Strength): This is a six-week training approach. Run at an easy pace three to four times per week. Do intervals every two weeks as stated above. Add one Anaerobic Tolerance workout every two weeks (alternating weekly with a Lactate Threshold interval). A sample workout might be 400 meters six times at 30 seconds faster than your 5K race pace with a 400-meter recovery jog or 1000 meters three times at your current 5K race pace with a 500-meter recovery jog.  To improve your running economy, run hills once per week. Continue your long run once per week. 

Not signed up for a race yet? Check out the Bucks County 5K Series. You can register for all seven races until March 7, 2015. DelVal will have information tables at all of the races, so please stop by and visit us!