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How to Prepare for Grad School


Posted on May 21, 2015 by Delaware Valley University .

Graduate school is where you can further your education in a specific subject to benefit your career. Graduate students will embark on an entirely new journey through academia. While somewhat similar to adjusting to life as an undergraduate, there’s still a need for preparation. 

Delaware Valley University is ready to help you expand on your educational pursuit with our School of Graduate and Professional Studies. But before you begin your graduate studies, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared. Read on for some tips on how you can better prepare yourself for graduate school.

Schedule a Campus Visit
If you haven’t seen the campus of the institution where you plan to attend graduate school, it’s a good idea to schedule a time to visit the school. In doing so, you’re familiarizing yourself with your new home and where you’ll be studying. 

Take the time to understand the campus layout: Where are the buildings where you’ll be taking classes? Where are the vending machines? What times are the dining halls open? You can also speak with professors and graduate program faculty during your campus visit to learn more and get a good feel for your new academic environment. 

Completing these tasks will prepare you for your new learning atmosphere before the year even starts so you can be more comfortable upon arrival. 

Decide Where You’ll Live During Grad School
Your living situation is of the utmost importance during graduate school, and most of the responsibility will be on you to find the ideal location. If you’re also working during grad school, you’ll want to find someplace that’s convenient to both your work and the school. Upon admittance, you need to begin to narrow down where you can live during your time as a graduate school student.

Understand Your Financial Situation
Having a strong understanding of your financial situation is key for newly admitted graduate school students. You need to know how much financial aid you’ll receive (if any), if you need to take out any loans and how much they’ll be for and what jobs you should apply for while you’re a student. Assess your financial situation upon receiving your acceptance letter and determine what funds you have, what funds you’ll need and how you’ll generate some income while you’re a graduate student.

Graduate school can be a big leap for individuals, and to make the transition to your new institution go smoothly, you’ll need to be prepared come the first day of class. By following these tips, you’ll be more comfortable as you begin your life as a graduate student.

DelVal’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies is ready to help our students gain the skills to work in careers that provide personal satisfaction and impact the greater good and to become contributors to real-world solutions. With a variety of different programs focusing on different career fields, graduate students at DelVal will have the opportunity to flourish and expand the boundaries of knowledge and understanding.