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How to dress for a career fair


Posted on November 6, 2014 by Delaware Valley College Center for Student Professional Development.

The Delaware Valley College Center for Student Professional Development’s graduate assistants-with Maggie Villari ’13, ’15, serving as lead-created a series of videos to help students prepare for job fairs. We, as an office, decided that the videos were necessary in order to provide students with a more relevant, visual way to learn about how to best prepare for the job fair.

The “How Should I Dress?” video in particular was created because it is one of the most common questions students asked and probably one of the most misunderstood preparation steps. At DelVal in particular, we have a variety of majors and the job fair attracts employers from a variety of industries. Over-dressing can be as inappropriate as under-dressing when meeting potential employers.

For example, you would not wear a three-piece suit to work with animals, nor would you wear casual clothing to an accounting firm. Why? It just doesn’t make sense and isn’t practical. It is extremely important for students to understand their industries before they plan how they’ll dress for the fair—and the video was designed to help students understand how important it is to think strategically. Ideally, students should watch the entire series to make the most of job and internship fairs. We plan to continue creating videos based on student needs and the most commonly-asked questions we receive.

Check out the video below: