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How Interning with ReminderMedia is Helping Me Grow as a Young Professional


Posted on April 19, 2018 by By Alexandro Forero ’18, Delaware Valley University business major.

Courtesy: Alexandro Forero Alexandro Forero ’18, Delaware Valley University business major

This spring, I am interning with a company called ReminderMedia, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, in a sales support position. I am interning to gain a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. I also think interning will help me choose which area of business I would like to pursue for my career.

As a sales support intern at ReminderMedia, I am responsible for generating quality research to generate viable leads for our sales team. I also work to maintain and improve customer relationships to ensure the success of the company.

By interning, I’m gaining knowledge of multiple business departments; so, it should help me take a step in the right direction.

Although it may sound simple, my transformative experience was working full-time at an auto body shop this summer. I have always worked part-time jobs, with a lot of free time; but working full-time opened up my eyes to the real world. I realized how much money I could make by working full-time and that it would keep me busy and professional. It changed my perspective of wanting a lot of free time in my schedule, to wanting a busy one. I reflected on this about halfway through the summer, and that is one of the reasons that I took the spring 2018 semester to work a business internship Monday through Thursday, while still taking classes.

At my internship with ReminderMedia, I’m getting a chance to not only gain skills but also, network in my field. I believe that myself, as well as other co-workers, have effectively utilized networking within the office by allowing a lot of communication flow and collaboration.

Each department has to have some collaboration with the next for the company to run properly. So, individuals within all different departments interact with each other on a daily basis.

So far, I have established work relationships with employees from IT, marketing, sales, and customer service. The break room gives me a chance to meet and talk with a variety of people. The staff at ReminderMedia is very open and accepting of having group conversations in the break room.

I am working to build a strong network by letting my colleagues know I am always available if they need help. This is what I said to the IT manager after completing a small project for her back in February. Now, whenever I see her around at work, I say “hello” and know that she will come to me if she needs help from an intern. I have also done a similar thing with another one of the IT managers.

Getting to know people, being open to new ideas, staying positive, and being helpful has opened up opportunities for me at ReminderMedia. The head of sales offered me the chance to interview for a senior sales internship. He liked me and offered me the position the very next day. Now I say “hello” whenever I see him before the morning meetings on the sales floor. I believe that the best way to build a strong network is to be nice, respectful, and always lend a helping hand.

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Alexandro Forero '18 is a Delaware Valley University business major who is specializing in accounting.