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Getting ready for A-Day 2014


Posted on April 24, 2014 by Kaleb Long '15, A-Day president.

Courtesy: Kaleb Long Kaleb Long '15, A-Day president

Throughout the past year, I have had the opportunity to lead the A-Day team in making the decisions to hold a successful A-Day weekend. We faced challenges such as working through communication difficulties and working with novice committee members. Overall, engaging the student body and highlighting the accomplishments of our academic programs has been our primary focus. Making this happen is one aspect of our preparation where my agribusiness education has served invaluable. As a team, we are able to set specific goals, develop practical budgets and produce a high standard for what we believe this event can become. Managing this team has put my leadership skills to the test and created opportunities for me to become a stronger leader. One of my personal challenges this year involved delegating tasks I could have easily completed on my own. However, I realized the advancement of the A-Day team would be best achieved with younger members completing tasks under my supervision. Through this process we have all had the opportunity to grow as individuals and an organization, making many friends along the way. At this stage in preparation, I am proud of our accomplishments in promoting educational opportunities and community fellowship. I look forward to seeing everyone from Delaware Valley College, enjoying the food and festivities to come on A-Day weekend.

Courtesy: Delaware Valley College. A-Day tents are set up on campus.