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Get professional experience right on campus


Posted on December 10, 2014 by David Clement '15.

Courtesy: Delaware Valley College David Clement '15

At DelVal, I have learned about many topics within the classroom walls, ranging from historical contexts of literature, to compounding ideas into proper arguments within papers, to even learning how languages develop. I have spent days in our campus library thirsting for knowledge and fishing for the answers to my questions. I have learned much from my time at DelVal, but there are some things that can’t be learned in class.

I started my work study in DelVal’s Office of Marketing and Communications in summer 2014 to get some professional hands-on experience. I decided to complete my 500 hours on DelVal’s campus because I am familiar with the environment and DelVal is like a second home to me. I felt that I would be able to learn the tricks of the trade at a place where I am comfortable.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t nervous. I was scared to death the first day I walked into the office. This was essentially my first real professional job in an office environment. I was worried I would not be able to adapt to the environment with deadlines and office culture and I would be looked at as a burden, rather than member of the team. My worries were short-lived, thanks to the accepting environment of DelVal’s marketing office. I was able to learn the ropes of marketing and public relations with their help. 

My time working in the office helped improve my interpersonal communication skills. I had a chance to collaborate with my fellow staff members on tasks and participate in discussions pertaining to the direction the institution is going in, I also improved my computer skills as well. I assisted with managing many key aspects of the college’s website in order to improve efficiency and accessibility for the DelVal community.

This on-campus position allowed me to express myself creatively with both writing and visual media. I wrote an article on the construction projects happening on the DelVal campus last summer and I interviewed several sources to get the information about those projects. I am also able to contribute to the DelVal blog and share my thoughts on several aspects of the college with the community. I have become a better writer because of my internship work. It is challenging of course, but without adversity I would not be able to improve. I was even able to incorporate my love of photography into the work that I do for the office by taking pictures of events happening on campus.

At DelVal I was able to get firsthand experience and gain knowledge that I can apply to my future professional career. Thanks to the staff’s assistance I was able to become more well-rounded and I was given the opportunity to gain experience on the frontline and a chance to give back to the place that has given me so much.