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How to Get Involved in DelVal’s Clubs and Student Organizations


Posted on January 22, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

How to Get Involved in DelVal’s Clubs and Student Organizations

Now that the spring semester is underway, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to check out all the clubs and organizations that Delaware Valley University has to offer. DelVal students have more than 70 student organizations ranging in all types of fun. With this vast offering, you’re sure to find something that will provide lots of entertainment.

Whether you’ve had a club in mind or you’re just looking to explore your options, these tips will help you get involved in a DelVal organization that peaks your interest. 

Talk to a Peer

Since DelVal offers so many different clubs, chances are you know someone who is involved in at least one organization. Talk to your peers about their experiences with this club. Hearing a first-hand account will help you determine if this particular club is something you may be further interested in. 

Go to Meetings

One sure-fire way to find out more about a club and learn what goes on in the organization is to attend a meeting. You’ll have the opportunity to see what kind of material is covered, what type of activities or events the organization participates in, all while meeting members of the club and getting to know new people.

While you’re trying to make up your mind about joining, go to as many meetings for as many different clubs as you’d like.  

Read the Fine Print

Finding out if you like the club or organization itself is crucial, but don’t forget to make sure that this commitment will fit into your current schedule. If you’re currently swamped with classes, homework, work, studying, sports or other activities, the club you’re interested in may not work for you. Make sure to find out when the club meets and when they participate in other events. You may find that the club’s main meeting time is during one of your classes or practices. 

Consider Your Options

Trying to decide what club is the right fit for you can be challenging. If your schedule isn’t too busy currently and you have spare time to join a couple clubs, it can’t hurt to join more than one. Remember that you don’t need to choose a club or organization that coincides with your major. There are academic clubs and organizations as well as ones that focus on hobbies, activities or even sports. 

Getting involved in a student organization is a great way to explore your interests and hobbies, take a break from classes and studying, get out of your residence hall and meet new people. 

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