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Furry Friends Welcome at DelVal


Posted on May 30, 2019 by Kaitlyn Hoagland '20, an equine science major.

Courtesy: Kaitlyn Hoagland Charlotte the rabbit sits comfortably in a pet-friendly residence hall room.

Ever wanted to bring your pet to college with you? Delaware Valley University provides students with the opportunity to have approved pets on campus! Some residence hall rooms on campus are considered “pet-friendly.”

While DelVal does not allow cats or dogs as pets, the University was an early adopter of pet-friendly housing. Students can apply to have pets including fish, hermit crabs, approved snakes, lizards and amphibians, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, mice, and rabbits. 

Pet Proctors make sure the animals on the pet-friendly floor are being taken care of and periodically check on students with pets. Pets can improve the lives of students academically, socially, and emotionally. Many students, like my roommate Mckenna, find that their lives have been improved significantly since being able to keep their pets at college.

“Being able to care for my hamster provides stress relief. Being able to hold him helps when school work just gets too stressful,” said Mckenna Moore.

Courtesy: Kaitlyn Hoagland Mckenna Moore’s hamster, Kringle, has helped her relieve stress while in school.

Resident Assistants on pet-friendly floors connect residents with each other through their love of pets by including information about their residents' pets in their monthly events and providing treats for the different types of animals on the floor (pets must remain in the owners' rooms for the most part unless they need to leave the room for care/they are not allowed to roam the hallways).

Moving into the pet-friendly floor for the first time this past fall semester was very fun. I got to walk down the hall and see who has what type of animal and learn both the pets' and the owners' names. Walking up to someone’s room and asking them about their pet is a great icebreaker and way to get to know your neighbors.

Courtesy: Kaitlyn Hoagland Animals such as hermit crabs are also allowed in pet-friendly rooms.

If you do not own an animal such as a hamster, rabbit, or reptile, all the residence halls on campus allow students to have aquatic tanks of 10 gallons or under. I personally only own a fish, and even having just my fish has been a great improvement to my college experience. Having an animal to care for and look forward to seeing at the end of the day makes your stressful days easier. If bringing a pet to college interests you, ask about the pet-friendly rooms when filling out your housing application!

Courtesy: Kaitlyn Hoagland Aquatic tanks holding less than 10 gallons are allowed.

About the Author
Kaitlyn Hoagland '20 is an equine science major at Delaware Valley University. During the Spring 2019 semester, she took a course on social media and writing offered through the University's media and communication program.