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Four Ways to Support DelVal’s Athletic Teams


Posted on March 22, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

Delaware Valley University has a number of athletic teams that fight their way to victory every season. If you've been slacking on school spirit, it's time to show some pride and support your fellow students. 

Join your classmates in supporting the athletic teams at DelVal by participating in the following fan behavior.

Attend Games, Matches and Meets

If you've never attended an athletic event at DelVal, you're missing out! Attending games is a great way to show your support for your school and the teams. It's an excellent feeling for the players to see the stands full of cheering fans. It can also give them the extra confidence needed to do their best and win the game. 

When supporting the athletic teams, you'll also be joining fellow fans and classmates. This is a good way to meet other people on campus and can lead to lifelong friendships.

It also makes for a fun night out! If you're looking for a break from studying or you're bored of the regular places you and your friends go, head to the gym or the fields to watch the games together. 

Keep a close eye on the sports schedules so you always know when the next game or match is. 

Wear Your DelVal Gear Proudly

Spice up your drawer of dull, gray sweats by adding DelVal athletic gear to it. Wear these sweatshirts, T-shirts, hats and sweatpants around campus to let members of the team know you're rooting for them, or wear them out-and-about so people know you attend DelVal. They may even stop you and ask you about DelVal’s teams. This will give you the opportunity to bring even more traffic to your school for games and matches. 

Talk About DelVal Athletics on Social Media

First, follow all of DelVal's athletic social media pages, like the women's soccer team's Twitter feed, so you can stay up-to-date with the teams, rosters and stats and find out when and where games and matches will be held. 

You can always show your pride by posting about them as much as you'd like. Let everyone know if they have an upcoming game and you're attending or post about an exciting win that just took place.

Join a Team

If you’re interested in playing a sport at DelVal and think you'd be an asset to one of the teams, contact DelVal athletics to discuss this with a coach. The team may be looking for players, and you could be the perfect addition.

If joining the team may be a little too much pressure or you don't think you're at the right skill level, look into DelVal's intramurals.

Get into the school spirit and support DelVal's athletic teams! Click here to visit the DelVal Athletics site.