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How to Find an On-Campus Job


Posted on March 3, 2015 by Delaware Valley College.

Holding an on-campus job is a smart way to earn some spending cash while you’re attending college. You’ll be able to afford items you need with the money you earn, plus the job will be conveniently located nearby. You won’t have to worry about traveling too far for your job since you’ll be on campus for classes anyway, and you’ll be familiar with the environment

Since you may be unsure of how to go about finding an on-campus job, these tips will help you.

Visit Your Career Center
Some career centers on campus make it easy for students to apply for on-campus positions by holding all of the available positions and applications there. When you visit, it may be a good idea to dress professionally because the people working there may even put in a good word for you. Find out what kind of job opportunities are available on campus and ask for applications for those that stand out to you. It’s best to apply to several jobs rather than only one or two, as this will increase your chances of getting a job.

Visit Individual Departments
If your campus doesn’t have a career center, go to individual department buildings to find out if there are any on-campus job opportunities specific to that department. Start with the departments where you’d like to work the most, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t immediately have any luck. Getting involved with a department that you’re not familiar could be a lot of fun and you’ll also learn a lot.  

Ask Your Professors
Many professors are also department heads, so they’re typically aware of any on-campus job openings. They also may hire students to work for them as assistants, teaching aids or in other positions. This could be especially beneficial if you start working for a professor in your field of study because it could help you become more involved in your program and skilled in your major. 

Public Spaces
Be sure to visit all of the busy public areas around your campus because there may be a bulletin with on-campus jobs posted. Gather some of the flyers with job openings for which you think you’d be a good fit, then call the contacts to discuss further details. 

If you have a large gym and recreational facility at your campus, be sure to check there for job opportunities. There are typically many positions since a lot goes on in these facilities. You may also be able to assist with sporting events that take place on your campus. 

Tutoring Center
If you love to help others and have a knack for a certain area of focus, a tutor may be just the right on campus job for you. Visit your college’s tutoring center and discuss your options with the person in charge.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re looking for an on-campus job. Remember to fill out as many job applications as possible and don’t be afraid to accept a job you’re not completely interested in. College is a time for learning, so you should keep an open mind when exploring available positions at Delaware Valley University.