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How Can Delaware Valley University Help you Find a Part-Time Job


Posted on December 11, 2014 by Delaware Valley College.

While studying at Delaware Valley University, you may consider getting a part-time job to pay for tuition and general bills and to have some spending money. Fortunately, DelVal offers a variety of tools and resources when it comes to finding part-time jobs.

There are many benefits of having a part-time job. Of course, you’ll have some money to use for the things you need, but it can also teach you responsibility and time management skills and help prepare you for a full-time job after graduation. 

What students don’t typically consider is that the part-time job you hold while in college can greatly impact your future and can even be in the field that you’re looking to get into after graduating.

Below are a few ways DelVal helps students find the best part-time job that’s right for them.

Student Employment
Full-time undergraduate students are eligible for the Student Employment Program, where they’ll hold a job on campus. To get involved with the Student Employment Program, students must complete the Student Employment Application, which can be found on the myDelVal portal, and return it to the Office of Financial Aid.

If you need help writing a résumé, the Center for Student Professional Development is a great resource that will assist you with this task.

Summer employment is also available for students who are registered full time for the following fall semester prior to the end of finals week and are financially current with the College. Housing is also available for students involved in summer employment. 

If you have any questions about the Student Employment Program, please contact Arianna E. Mears, Student Employment Coordinator, at 215.489.2391.

Federal Work-Study Program
DelVal participates in many state and federal grant programs, so for those who qualify for financial aid, you may be eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program. 

This program allows provides part-time employment for students who need it to help finance the cost of their education. Hourly wages are at least the federal minimum wage.

Students may be employed by the institution where they’re studying; a federal, state, or local public agency; a private non-profit organization; or a private for-profit organization. 

For more information about this program, contact the Financial Aid office at 1.800.2.DELVAL or 215.489.2272.

The Center for Student Professional Development
CSPD helps students figure out what kind of career they want to pursue and gives them the resources it takes to get there. If it’s just a part-time job that you’re interested in for the semester, CSPD can help you with that, too. Services include career assessment, résumé and cover letter reviews, interview preparation, job search strategies, professional development and communication training.

If you have any questions about The Center for Student Professional Development, visit the Career Services website

Experience Link is an online career management program that helps students look for and find part-time and full-time jobs and internships, create personal profiles and résumés, and research companies and job positions.

Students have experienced a lot of success with this program, whether they’re still attending DelVal or have graduated. 

DelVal encourages students to get part-time jobs and believes it’s beneficial to teach time management skills and responsibility. These tools will help students find a great part-time job for them.