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Inside DelVal’s Apps Powered by Google and their Impact on Students


Posted on October 6, 2015 by Delaware Valley University.

Delaware Valley University students are granted access to numerous modern technologies to keep them focused and prepared for their busy lives. Like most universities in the country, DelVal has adapted to recent technology trends and is using Google to enhance the lives of our students. But what exactly are these technologies and how do they help?

Students are given a email address so they can consistently communicate with other members of the DelVal community without having their emails being picked up as spam. But with your email app, you can forward emails sent to your address to a personal account, so you won’t to miss anything that’s sent to you and will have a backup resource.

Google Drive
With the Google Docs application for DelVal students, any file that you have saved that you want to take with you or store as a backup can be uploaded to the your Google Drive. This way you can store documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or PDFs so they’re readily available to open or send to other students of DelVal. This makes group work for class projects much easier and dependable.

DelVal apps powered by Google has a calendar application that makes planning for you and your classmates, friends and family much easier. Your calendar can be shared with anyone, so any planning can be completed with more efficiency. The more that you use the calendar and upload your events, the better you can schedule out group meetings, extracurricular activities or events.

DelVal students can also add campus at DelVal events to their calendar to stay on top of everything. Through the Campus Portal, you can upload the main college calendar, athletics calendar and any important deadlines, such as the date to add/drop classes for the upcoming semester.

Mobile Access
All of these DelVal apps can be accessed through your mobile device for convenient access even when you’re away form a computer. Now you can stay on top of your DelVal email, calendar and important documents on the go.

These advanced DelVal apps powered by Google have such a strong impact on DelVal students’ connectivity, productivity and scheduling. Through these apps, our community can stay optimally connected and up-to-date with all of the events happening on campus. Students can better plan out their course work, projects and meetings, and with the mobile connectivity, it doesn’t matter where you are because you can always stay connected to DelVal.

During your campus tour of DelVal, you can see our educational community firsthand and ask your tour guide about the DelVal apps powered by Google so you can learn just how useful they are for the everyday lives of our students.