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Bringing Giving Tuesday to DelVal


Posted on November 25, 2014 by Donna Carlson '15, business administration.

Donna Carlson

Courtesy: Delaware Valley College Donna Carlson '15

Soon, the holiday season officially begins. Bountiful Thanksgiving dinners will be followed by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

Then, on Dec. 2, something miraculous happens. People all over the country will stop and celebrate a national day of giving.

The Giving Tuesday movement is new, just three years old. The idea is a simple one–in the midst of shopping frenzy, everyone pauses to donate time, goods, money, or talent to those nonprofit organizations dedicated to community service and charitable giving. One day out of the year is dedicated to the concept of helping out those around us in need, and helping to change a life for the better in the process.

This year, Giving Tuesday Bucks will focus on fostering awareness and support of the many organizations that exist to serve those in our communities and neighborhoods with compassion, enthusiasm, and commitment. It is a group of nonprofits focused on promoting the greater good, and providing essential services for the most needy among us.

The steering committee decided to look for a “Day Of” location for participating nonprofits to gather and celebrate their stories. As part of this committee, my immediate thought was, "Giving Tuesday Bucks belongs at DelVal." That thought didn’t happen by accident.

As a student at Delaware Valley University, I know the importance of support, compassion and commitment. My college career would have ended three days into my first week back in the fall of 2012 without Learning Support Services and the encouragement and collaboration of my professors, advisors, and department chairs. It would have been impossible to continue without the aid of scholarship support. This college community took me in and invested time, service and trust in my desire to learn and return these gifts to the world. Giving Tuesday is the perfect way to pay my gifts forward, and join with our community in working to alleviate the need that never stops.

Delaware Valley College is in a unique position to promote the message of Giving Tuesday to the campus and the Bucks County community at large. The entire focus of the day will reflect our Core Values: respecting all people; valuing the world of ideas and differences; pursuing excellence, living each day with integrity; teaching learning and serving with passion and commitment; and acting as one learning community with one purpose.

The event will also reflect DelVal’s strategic goals of engaging the student body and community for the mutual benefit of all, valuing and demonstrating inclusion and diversity, and promoting the vision of creative collaboration and impact on the wider world.

So, this Dec. 2, begin with a word or act of kindness. Give someone who needs it a cup of coffee, a handshake, a hug. Buy someone who is hungry breakfast. Give someone who is alone five minutes of your time. Smile. Say, “thank you.” This Giving Tuesday, give a part of yourself to someone. Come to Moumgis and adopt a nonprofit. Find a cause, a program, an organization that moves your heart, and give what you can. Begin this season of giving by making it personal. Take something that was done for you, and pay it forward.

To my DelVal family and friends, thank you for all you have given me. My life is richer because of what you've done for me.