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Best Study Spots in Doylestown, PA


Posted on March 5, 2015 by Delaware Valley College.

Studying for exams between classes, at night and on the weekends is necessary to make sure you understand the material and perform well on your tests. However, spending hours studying in the same environment can become mundane and cause you to lose focus.

Try switching up your study space and hitting the books in a different area. Below are a few exceptional locations around Doylestown for a change of scenery to help your concentration. 

The Zen Den Coffee Shop
This coffee shop, located on Donaldson Street between Oakland and State Streets, is a comfortable space with sofas and tables. There are a lot of natural colors incorporated throughout the shop that will help you stay relaxed while you’re studying, and the sunlight that filters in the windows provides the perfect ambience. 

To keep you alert during your study sessions, try a cup of The Zen Den’s coffee. They also serve muffins and pastries to keep hunger at bay so you can stay satisfied for longer. And the prices are perfect for the college student budget. 

Bucks County Library System
The Bucks County Library is located at 150 South Pine Street and serves as the ideal setting to get some work done, away from the library on campus where you run the risk of bumping into a distracting friend. This library also has plenty of resources for your use, such as downloads, streaming and research databases. 

And when you need a break, you can always pull one of the many books from the shelves for some leisurely reading.

Nonna’s Italian Coffee Parlor
Nonna’s Italian Coffee Parlor, located at 6 East State Street, provides the perfect atmosphere for reading and studying while also offering fresh brewed coffee for a pick-me-up and a selection of gelato and ice cream to satisfy your sweet tooth. Nonna’s also offers free Wi-Fi, plus there’s sidewalk seating when the weather is nice. 

You’ll easily be able to get comfortable at this shop and study for hours. 

Burpee Park
If you’re studying when it’s warm outside, why not venture outdoors for some vitamin D to fuel your concentration? Check out Burpee Park in Doylestown, where there’s a pavilion and picnic area so you can sprawl out with your books and highlighters and take in the fresh air. 

There’s also a playground, basketball and volleyball courts and a softball field. You may even want to bring a basketball for some physical activity after your review. 


If your favorite spot to study is in the relaxed leather chairs at Starbucks, you’re in luck. There are several Starbucks stores located throughout Doylestown: 10 North Main Street, 498 North Main Street, and 1745 South Easton Road. Enjoy a Frappuccino or Starbucks roast while cramming for your next test. 

Consider any one of these Doylestown locations when you’re looking for a new study spot. They’re all easily accessible from Delaware Vallley University and provide a great change of scenery. You’ll be able to regroup, focus and block out the distractions that can occur on campus.