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Best Places on the DelVal Campus to Relax


Posted on January 19, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

The key to relaxing after a long day of classes, a particularly challenging exam or a stressful week is to find the perfect place with an atmosphere that allows you to unwind and refocus. Delaware Valley University has plenty of areas that allow you to clear your mind and breathe freely, so that you’re prepared for the rest of the challenges the school year throws at you.

Learn more about the best places on the DelVal campus to relax.

Dining Hall

Don’t take meal time for granted. When your day is jam-packed with classes, it’s important to take every chance you get to wind down and catch your breath, if only for a thirty minute break. Take breakfast, lunch or dinner and look at it as an opportunity to talk with friends, catch up with some leisurely reading or just relax for a little while. And with the different dining options available at DelVal, you can pick your favorite spot.

The Levin Dining Hall on the DelVal campus is open 24 hours per day; seven days a week while classes are in session so you can find solace here whenever you’re looking for a break.

The LSBean station located in the Life Science Building is quick stop with a relaxed atmosphere, as well as fresh coffee and pastries. Whether you want to talk with friends or just hang out, the LSBean is the perfect place to relax.

The Joseph Krauskopf Memorial Library

While the library may not be the first place you think of when you want to relax, there are many benefits of hanging out in the library. For starters, it’s quiet. It will give you the opportunity to unwind after a long day of classes in silence, allowing you to reflect on your day or the upcoming days ahead. You could even pop in your earbuds and relax with your favorite tunes. 

And if one of the ways you relax is by reading, there’s no better place on campus to be. You have seemingly endless options when it comes to books, so you can select the perfect story and spend as much time in the library as you please without any noisy interruptions. 

Henry Schmieder Arboretum of Delaware Valley College

The Henry Schmieder Arboretum of DelVal is a magical part of the University, encompassing 40 acres of the main campus. The gardens were in existence when the College was founded in 1896 and reflect DelVal’s mission by providing a living collection of plants. Being out in nature and taking in all the beautiful plants, trees and flowers will help you unwind, relax and reflect.

Intramural Sports

If you like to participate in sports or engage in physical activity, why not find a place on the field or on the court? Exercising and playing sports may not seem relaxing, but it gets your blood flowing, builds 

your muscles and helps clear the mind. With the intramural sports program offered at DelVal, you have the opportunity to join a team and engage in the sport of your choice.

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