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What Are the Benefits of a Business Administration Degree?


Posted on June 22, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

Business administration is a broad degree program that prepares students for a variety of careers. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or have your sights set on a corner office, a business administration degree gives students the tools they need for a dynamic, successful career.

Business administration is a well-rounded, challenging program that opens the doors to dozens of career paths. Here are four benefits of pursuing a business administration degree.

A Healthy Salary with Room for Growth

Generally, college graduates holding a business administration or related degree make a higher salary than their peers. According to the Department of Labor and Statistics, the median annual income for careers in business was at $65,710 as of May 2015. Comparatively, the median annual wage for all occupations was $36,200. 

Employment in business-related fields is also expected to grow 8% between 2014 and 2024. After receiving a business administration degree, graduates look forward to a steady career with opportunities to advance.

Business Administration Is in High Demand

Business administration is a comprehensive degree that combines art, science, planning and analysis. Since graduates have a broad skill set, they’re in demand in a variety of industries, including finance, marketing, public relations, advertising and insurance. 

Today’s job market is ever changing and highly competitive, but business administration degrees are highly sought after. It shows that job candidates are smart, competitive and flexible, which can give you a leg up over other applicants. 

Versatility and Mobility

Whether you dream of starting your own company, working at an accounting firm or pursuing an MBA, a business administration degree opens the doors to tons of opportunities. You’ll graduate with a diverse set of skills, which are transferable to a variety of fields and companies.

Great Opportunities

The needs of today’s economy are ever evolving. When you get a degree in business administration, you’ll learn skills you’ll use throughout your career, no matter what the economy or job market looks like. 

Business professionals are found in corporations, start-ups and non-profits. No matter what your passions or career goals are, business administration degrees opens the doors to tons of opportunities.

If you think that business administration is the right degree for you, check out our program at Delaware Valley University. Our degree offers five specializations, emphasizes out-of-the-classroom learning and prepares students for future business challenges. 

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