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Be the change


Posted on December 10, 2013 by Logan Hall '14.

Are you someone waiting for the day you will be understood and accepted for who you really are and not stereotyped as the person people think you are? Let’s make that thought a reality and go back to the basics, “do not judge a book by the cover.”

Our society focuses so strongly on putting people into boxes based on religion, major, the clothes they wear, who they love, the color of their skin, their gender, or, the sports they play, yet an individual is far more than these quick generalizations people make.

Courtesy: Annmarie Ely Logan Hall ’14

Throughout the past years, DelVal has made it a priority to accept all people. This means accepting the whole person. Delaware Valley College is challenging students to look beyond the stereotype and to be the change.

A small, private college is the perfect environment to build the strongest community of advocates for change. DelVal has made it one of their core values to ensure that all students are to be accepted and respected for who they are.

Take a moment, remember that time in life when you were misunderstood or were bullied. Each year, there are lives lost across the nation because of individuals who are misunderstood or not accepted.

Courtesy: Delaware Valley College Jonathan Alvarez '14 was featured in a Stop the Stereotypes campaign poster.

Delaware Valley College launched the Stop the Stereotypes campaign to start important conversations and make sure each student is able to express him or herself. This campaign challenges our campus community, and all individuals, to look beyond what they think they know about some and instead, get to know people for who they are. For each battle you are fighting, there is someone fighting a harder battle. Accept the challenge and Stop the Stereotypes.

You can help us start a campus conversation by sharing the posters on social media. You can also download them from the website at starting Dec. 10 and display them proudly to show your support. We’re ready for positive social change, are you in?