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Find Perspective in Your Experiences, Don’t Regret Anything


Posted on April 27, 2017 by Yaaseen Shands ’20.

Throughout your life there will be some experiences that you will look back on and feel as if you should have done something differently. This is known as regret, regret is an emotion of past tense and cannot be changed or altered by any future actions. One you have that unsure feeling of regret it will burden you for the rest of your life unless you learn to embrace what has happened and think about it from a different perspective.

Perspective of a scenario can change everything around a whole 360 degrees. If you look at every regret you have at another angle, I guarantee that you will feel a different way about it. The mind is where all your thoughts come together and process, and from that process you then reflect that interpretation of thoughts into an emotion which then transfers into an action. In the case of having a regret you can feel insecure or sad about what you have done or experienced.

Thinking about something hurtful most times can cause you to cry or, put you in a bad mood all together. Imagine thinking about the same scenario that caused you pain and think about what that situation has taught you. What did you learn from this mistake? What has it caused you to lose? Now take that new interpretation of the light that was shed upon your regret and soak in all of the things you have gained in this experience. Take into consideration what you know now and what you were blind to before. Then, look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I happy with myself?”

The situations we all go through are all the things in life that mold people into the person they are meant to become. These broken friendships, insecurities and doubts are all things we have to come into contact with in order to make us the people we are. There is no way you can prevent what is meant to happen to you: the only thing you have control over is the effect it is going to have over your mind and how you will use the information you have been taught to become the person "YOU" want to be. Don’t regret anything…

Courtesy: Yaaseen Shands Am I happy with myself?