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5 ways to make friends and build connections on campus


Posted on September 7, 2016 by By YaaSeen Shands ’20.

Courtesy: Delaware Valley University Convocation for the Class of 2020.

Being in a new environment can be a scary and awkward experience, especially with all of the other responsibilities you now have as an incoming freshman or a transfer student. At times it can feel as if you have too much on your plate. Building relationships on campus with others, including your professors and fellow students, can help break the ice and make college life a lot easier. The connections you make will help you feel more comfortable and keep you in touch with events and news around campus. Here are the five best ways to make friends and build connections on campus: 

1. Introduce yourself to everyone you’re next to. Tell people about yourself and also, ask general questions. Find out what your classmates’ names and hobbies are.

2. Create or join a study group. Director of Counseling Sharon Donnelly suggests, “It is helpful to link up with clubs and student organizations that share similar interests. This will help put you in situations to see people more regularly, build connections, and increase your chances of building acquaintances into friendships."

Gather a group of individuals in your class and connect with each other. You can talk about future assignments, questions about homework and even help each other prepare for tests and quizzes.

3. Get out of your room. Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Involvement Andrew Moyer says, “Students should attend events, programs, activities and trips. These events are open and free to students and are great ways to connect with new folks at DelVal.”

Get outside and take walks around campus or even enjoy the public areas where people frequently hang out such as the quad or dining hall.

4. Use social media. Today, one of the best ways to connect with people in your general area is social media. Start a conversation and ask people to add you on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Social media is a good way to keep a connection with them. People frequently share personal experiences and thoughts on social sites. It helps if you to leave a comment or, even chat with that person just to get to know them.

5. Market yourself by displaying your talents or hobbies. Often, students need or want things that aren’t obtainable to them at the moment such as haircuts or personally made clothing. If you can make those things or can provide them, an easy way to make connections is by selling them. This is a fun and easy way to interact and meet with new people.