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5 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dorm Room


Posted on September 1, 2016 by By Diana Patton ’15 .

Courtesy: Ryan Donnell A residence hall at DelVal.

Whether it's your first semester or the beginning of your senior year, sharing a small room with one window can be an unavoidable reality in college. But no matter the size, you don’t have to settle for a boring room; it can be a warm, inviting space where everyone wants to hang out. Just ask JulieAnn Soeder, a full-time designer for Vocon, an architecture and interior design firm in New York City.

She offered these five tips to make your room comfortable and inviting without sacrificing space.

  1. Area Rugs - Area rugs are a great way to cover as much floor space as possible, especially if your dorm room has cold tiled floors or unappealing carpeting. The perfect rug is one that adds to your college room decor while being a soft spot to sit.
  2. Wall Art - Don’t be intimidated by blank walls - consider hanging a poster or tapestry of your favorite musician, landscape or quote. You can pick up a few posters and frames at the poster sale Sept. 6 through Sept. 7 on campus.
  3. Lighting –Illuminate your room with holiday lights when your ceiling lights are too bright or invest in a tall floor lamp to save on space.
  4. Plants - Bring in a few plants to add some life to your room. Aloe and spider plants are easy to maintain, but if you really don’t have a green thumb, try a fake plant to add a touch of green. Some even double as pen holders (just Google “plant pen holder” to find options where the pens look like pieces of a plant).
  5. Multifunctional furniture – “Getting most, if not all of the unnecessary clutter out of sight will allow your space to breathe more,” said Soeder when asked about how to maximize a small space. Consider using under the bed storage. You can also keep odds and ends in an ottoman.

If you are having trouble finding ideas Pinterest and Etsy are great sites to find inspiration as well!

Keep in mind – design is a visual representation of your personality!

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