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5 Things to Do During Syllabus Week to Get Ahead


Posted on January 21, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

5 Things to Do During Syllabus Week to Get Ahead

As winter break comes to a close and classes start back up again, it’s important that you regain focus after the few weeks you’ve had off. It can be easy to get lazy during syllabus week, but this will only end up hurting you in the weeks to come. By taking control of syllabus week, you could be taking control of the entire semester. Find out more about how you can get ahead during syllabus week at Delaware Valley University.

Pay Close Attention in Class

While it’s always important to focus in class, these first couple classes are absolutely crucial. Your professors are going to introduce you to the course and let you know what you’ll be learning for the rest of the semester. Take plenty of notes and ask questions if you have them. Make sure to read the syllabus carefully to get a full understanding of what will be expected of you throughout the semester, including homework assignments, quizzes and exams. 

Purchase Your Books

Professors may begin assigning homework, projects and reading during syllabus week, so make sure you get the textbooks or books you need for each class. If you don’t happen to get your books but you are told you need to complete an assignment, you are already behind in the class. 

Even if your professor doesn’t assign anything during syllabus week, you can benefit from purchasing books as soon as possible and reviewing them. This could help prepare you for the material you’ll be learning about throughout the semester. 

Get Organized

During syllabus week, you’ll be introduced to all of your new classes, which can be overwhelming at times. Avoid this overwhelming feeling and eliminate any confusion by getting organized. Keep the materials you obtain from each class in a separate folder. You can even color code all of your materials to differentiate one class from another. This will keep things organized as you set your books and folders on your desk. 

Coming up with the right organization method for you at the start of classes will help you stay organized for the rest of the semester. Organization will allow you to stay on top of your assignments, projects, materials and upcoming exams. 

Use Your Calendar

Most professors include dates on their syllabi for important due dates such as homework assignments, projects, presentations and exams. Take advantage of this information and mark everything on your calendar right away. This way, you’ll always know when things are due and you won’t miss submitting an important assignment or taking a test that could potentially be worth a large portion of your grade.

Set Up Your Residence Hall

Before the semester gets underway, take the time to set up your residence hall so that you have a comfortable place to call your own. Set up your bed and your relaxation space, and then set up your desk where you’ll study. 

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