Studying Wildlife in the Amazon Rainforest

Posted on September 28, 2018 by Samantha Slevens, a Delaware Valley University biology major who is specializing in zoology .

I signed up for an abroad program in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest and my expectations were to be uncomfortable, stressed and a little bit hungry. I have never been so wrong. Every night, I gather a group of friends to explore the campus in search of awesome bugs and wildlife. During the days we have homework, we do it together and discuss scientific papers with people who have various sets of knowledge. I’m the bug/frog/reptile girl but we have a mammal girl, many plant girls, ecology girls, anthropology girls and one mushroom-loving “fungi” named Henry (see what I did there).


Spending a Week in the Life of a Veterinary School Student at Penn Vet

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Morgan Harvey '19, Delaware Valley University Animal Science Major.

The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine is a world-renowned hospital devoted to improving the lives of all animals. This summer, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into their Summer VETS (Veterinary Exploration Through Science) program and had the opportunity to learn a lot about the school itself and the field of veterinary medicine. During my week-long stay at the veterinary school, I had the chance to experience firsthand what it is like to be a student at Penn Vet. We had two days of clinical rotations where I observed radiology and emergency services, and the other days were spent either in the classroom or on tours of the University’s facilities.