Leap Year 2016: The Story Behind the Extra Day Every Four Years

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

This year is a Leap Year, meaning February 29 is on the calendar again after four-year hiatus. But what does that really mean?
In short, we add February 29 to the calendar every four years to ensure that the calendar stays in line with the Earth's movement around the sun. It helps us stay synchronized with the seasons. Unfortunately, the actual "why" behind it is a little more complicated than that.


Best Romantic Date Spots in Doylestown

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

If you found love at Delaware Valley University and you're looking to take that special someone out for a nice dinner, there are great spots in Doylestown that are sure to please your date. While you may spend most of your dates doing budget-friendly activities, there are those occasions where you want to splurge. These restaurants will impress anyone and provide a cozy atmosphere with great food.
Learn more about what each one has to offer.


Celebrate St. Patty’s Day at These Bucks County Spots

Posted on February 23, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, March 17, you're probably breaking out your green attire and getting ready to bring out your inner-Irish around Delaware Valley University. St. Patrick's Day is the global celebration of Irish culture and remembers St. Patrick, who was one of Ireland's patron saints.


Easy Ways to Relieve College Stress

Posted on February 22, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

College can be an extremely stressful time, with classes, assignments, social events, sports and jobs, even at Delaware Valley University. It can also be especially difficult while you're away from home and in a college environment. When your workload piles up and you fear falling behind on schoolwork and classes, don't panic! There are plenty of ways to relieve the stress you're experiencing.
Find out what you can do to relax, unwind and get rid of your stress.


Looking for Study Help? Try These Apps for Organization and Productivity

Posted on February 19, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

When you're in college, finding the right studying or organization techniques for you can take some trial and error. Fortunately, with all of the technology that exists today, there are lots of apps readily available at your fingertips that could help you manage your time at Delaware Valley University. Whether you need help with note-taking, studying, long- or short-term projects or scheduling, there's an app for that!
Check out some of these apps below that could help you get work completed more efficiently.


A new way of learning

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Eliza DiTomasso ’17.

It has officially been one month since I arrived in jolly old England and I could not be loving it more. In some ways, it is like being back home in America, but in many ways things are really different.


Why You Should Start Planning Now if You Want a Summer Internship

Posted on February 17, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

A summer internship provides you with real-world experience that you can also list on your resume. It will also help you explore fields and companies to help you determine what industry you want to be a part of after graduation from Delaware Valley University.


Five Things Every First-Year Undergrad Should Do During the Spring Semester

Posted on February 16, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

If you've begun the spring semester of your first year of college - congratulations! You're successfully halfway done with your first year. You've made it past all of the nervousness and uncertainty that comes with the first semester of college so now you can be comfortable during the spring semester.


Three Places to Grab a Used Instrument in Bucks County

Posted on February 15, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

Playing an instrument is the perfect way to spend time in between studying and attending classes. You may even be involved in a club or a band. However, instruments can be expensive, especially on a college student's budget. If you're looking for an instrument near Delaware Valley University, you're in luck.


Tips for Students Starting College Spring Semester

Posted on February 12, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

Starting college in the spring is slightly different than starting in the fall. There are many reasons that students choose to start classes in the spring, whether they preferred some more time between high school and college, or are transferring from another institution. Regardless of the reason, it's best to be as prepared as possible.


Cheers from Gloucester, England!

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Eliza DiTomasso ’17.

My name is Eliza DiTomasso and this spring I will be studying at Hartpury College in the beautiful countryside of Gloucestershire County. As one of five DelVal students this semester taking part in this exchange, I truly am looking forward to the vast knowledge and adventures that await us.


What to Do if You Want to Change Majors

Posted on February 11, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

Changing your major is a big decision and requires a great deal of thought and consideration. It's not always the easiest process, but if you truly believe there's another academic program you should be involved in, it will be worth the extra effort.


Tips to Do Valentine’s Day on a Student Budget

Posted on February 9, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

If you're looking to do something romantic for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day but don't have expendable income to spend on stereotypical dates or gifts, don't give up! There are plenty of creative activities you can do or gifts you can get for a low price or nothing at all. Your date will appreciate the thought and effort that you put into the day than what you spent on it.
Check out these ways to do Valentine's Day on a student budget.


The Best Types of Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Posted on February 8, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

As a full-time college student, you may find it difficult to find time to balance class, studying and fun, let alone hold a job. But if you're looking to make some money to either pay for classes or just for spending money, there are part-time jobs that can work for you.
Keep reading to find out which part-time jobs are best for college students at Delaware Valley University.


The Four Things Every Senior Undergrad Should Do During Their Last Semester

Posted on February 5, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

It's the final stretch - your very last semester as an undergraduate student. You've accomplished so much over the past several years and now graduation is only a few short months away. You'll be a graduate before you know it, so make sure you spend your last semester reflecting and celebrating your time in college.

To help you get started on your own to-do list, we've put together our own list of things every senior undergrad should do during their last semester.


Should I Study Abroad in College? The Benefits of Education Over Seas

Posted on February 4, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

Studying abroad is an experience that allows students to take classes as part of their major and academic program, while also giving them the opportunity to travel and be immersed in a different culture.
If you've been considering studying abroad, it's best to be as informed as possible. Here is some information to help make your decision easier.


Do You Know Why We Celebrate Presidents’ Day?

Posted on February 3, 2016 by Delaware Valley University.

Presidents' Day is recognized as a national holiday that is celebrated on the third Monday in February. But as you enjoyed the day off of school, did you ever wonder why we celebrate Presidents' Day? Find out how this holiday came about.