The DelVal Fund supports every aspect of a DelVal education not covered by tuition, and it does so immediately, ensuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve their dream of becoming a DVU graduate.

In addition to providing financial assistance, your support allows us to invest in new technology; it enhances opportunities for our faculty to connect all learners to the bigger picture through experiential learning; and it helps us remain ready to capitalize on strategic growth opportunities.

Your gift is an investment in our students and in our community.  Your gift allows us to empower all learners to transform the world.


We invite you to learn more about our remarkable students, who have been impacted through your giving.


Your giving empowers DelVal students to apply what they’re learning before they even graduate.

As a DelVal conservation and wildlife management major, Mary Gibson ’19 is grateful to those who support the protection of natural resources.

She feels the same way about those who support her and her fellow students. “As a student you do not always see the donors, but you always feel their support,” Mary says. “You know they are invested in you, and you feel a sense of responsibility to make them proud.”

Which is exactly what she’s been doing since arriving on campus. The president of the University’s student chapter of the Wildlife Society and the liaison between the Student Government Board and Alumni Affairs, Mary has taken advantage of a wealth of experiential learning opportunities. These include internships at the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota, Florida, the Aark Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center, and the Elmwood Park Zoo; participation in a field course of the Northeast Section of the Wildlife Society in Vermont, where she banded birds; and attendance at numerous conferences and workshops. She believes DelVal’s unique educational focus has given her tools that she’ll use long after graduating.

“No matter what your major, these programs help students to connect the dots and see the bigger picture of how everything is related,” Mary says. “They create a very intentional and useful learning environment.”

That environment needs nurturing, of course. Mary notes that donors to the DelVal Fund help the University to hire the kind of quality faculty members who connect with students like her. They also support the ongoing maintenance of grounds that serve as a living laboratory, enabling her to learn in the wild without leaving campus, and boost DelVal’s financial aid efforts. Asked what she would say to a donor, Mary doesn’t hesitate. “I am very appreciative of your support,” she says. “I am here because you cared. I know it is my responsibility to go into the world wearing my Aggie Pride badge and make a positive difference.”



Your giving supports a unique educational experience for students in a wide variety of majors.

Away from the football field, where he plays for the nationally ranked Aggies, and his residence hall, where he serves as an RA, Nigel Feliz ’20 finds solace in the serene beauty of DelVal’s campus. Nigel’s activities keep him busy, and relaxing on the picturesque grounds gets him focused on the big picture.

Your support of the DelVal Fund helps us to maintain the campus for students like Nigel and assists in bridging the financial aid gap, making our unique education affordable. A business administration major who aims for a career in forensic accounting, Nigel is heartfelt in his gratitude to those who give to the fund.

“Donors who have never even met me have chosen to take a chance on me by supporting the DelVal Fund,” he says. “They have provided me with an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. This is a responsibility I take seriously.”

Does he ever. Nigel credits DelVal’s faculty with helping him to evolve into a critical, analytical thinker who delves beyond surface impressions. Taking advantage of the University’s emphasis on experiential education, he has applied that learning in his leadership role as an RA.

“By being an RA, you learn to put others first,” Nigel says. “You learn to look beyond judgment or stereotypes and see people for who they are. You may not always agree, but you listen and learn and help others find solutions that work for them.”

As a business major and student-athlete, Nigel came to DelVal unsure of how well he would mesh with other students. What he has found is a diverse campus that offers shared experiences and opportunities to interact, fostering mutual respect and friendship. Nigel is determined to take advantage.

“I want donors to know their belief in me matters,” he says. “It is not something I take for granted. I want to sincerely thank them. I may not who you are, but I certainly know what you did for me, and I am grateful.”


An Entire Experience

Your giving strengthens every single aspect of Delaware Valley University.

Alumni often need some time before they realize how important their alma mater was in preparing them for a complex, changing world.

Tyler Coleman needed less than two years to understand DelVal’s importance.

The 2016 graduate feels so strongly about the University’s significance in his life that he has already given enough to qualify him for the 1896 Society. The way he sees it, is not about supporting just University operations, but the entirety of the institution and what it represents.

“When donors give to the DelVal Fund, they are giving to the entire DelVal experience,” Tyler says. “ They are giving students a chance to see and learn differently.”

An agriculture and business major who works as a property manager, Tyler sees the University’s legacy and adaptability as helping to instill in students and alumni a sense of both community and progress.

“Change is constant into today’s world, but DelVal seems to be able to change with the times for the advancement of all its students, while holding on to the traditions and values that make it unique,” he says. “Being part of the Aggie community gives me a deep sense of pride as I go out and make my mark on the world.”

A DelVal education is different, Tyler says. It mixes traditional classroom learning with hands-on opportunities, fostering a capacity to think more deeply and solve problems at bigger levels. He credits the University’s innovative Experience 360 program with giving him perspective and drive, and he wants future students to have the same opportunity.

“By supporting DelVal, you are re-investing in your degree,” Tyler points out. “Strengthening the University’s reputation of producing innovative thinkers as well as business and science industry leaders increases the value of your degree.  If you don’t invest in that, who will?”


Committed to Giving Back

Your giving supports students with a desire to make their own communities better.

Chris George ‘19 has no problem listing the many, many parts of the University that gifts to the DelVal Fund help to enhance.

“New technology,” he points out. “Experiential learning opportunities. Student life activities.”

But the criminal justice major and resident assistant also knows that such generosity ultimately has a far more important beneficiary.

“As a grateful student of DelVal, I would like to express my admiration to our donors,” Chris says. “When you donate to DelVal, you are not only giving money, you are providing an opportunity. You are giving to make someone else’s life better.  You truly changed mine.”

A self-described conceptual learner, Chris chose DelVal for its smaller size and emphasis on hands-on learning. He believes these traits will help him fulfill his personal commitment to serving his community as a law-enforcement professional after he graduates. As a public safety intern, Chris is already learning on the job.

“You go to college to learn, but at DelVal it feels different,” he says. “There is a culture of learning mixed with experience.  DelVal students are taught to be successful. They stand out from their peers.”