Dan ’74 and Joanne DaCunha ’86

“Dan was a student at DelVal when we met at a mixer in Levin Dining Hall. He introduced this city girl to a world of farming. He left after his sophomore year to go into the Air Force to fulfill his military obligation so we could get married, and he could have funding to finish his degree. Once his tour of duty was completed, we settled in Doylestown with our new family so he could complete his DelVal education.  

“Our girls grew up associated with the college. Our oldest daughter even attended some summer classes with Dan when she was three. Our second daughter was born a few months before he graduated. In the following years, we often took our daughters to the college to learn about and to love plants and animals, a love which they continue to have to this day.

“When I was ready to further my education – at the time I was a nurse – our family turned to DelVal. It was a place that we had come to respect as an educational and welcoming institution. At the time, most colleges focused on the traditional student. DelVal, however, was more forward-thinking and welcomed non-traditional students. DelVal provided a nurturing atmosphere that helped students focus and develop new skills, so we could grow in our individual careers. My DelVal education empowered me to reach for higher goals. The faculty offered essential advice that significantly influenced my expanding career opportunities. The college also helped Dan, years after he graduated, to find a wonderful career opportunity that changed the course of our lives.

“We always appreciate that DelVal is truly focused on each student’s life success long after their years at the college. For us, it was one of the pivotal foundations that helped us succeed. We believe that too many colleges focus only on the years the student are enrolled, and they don’t prepare them for success in their personal and professional lives. DelVal is different, and we continue to support it because of their commitment to each student’s success in life.

“We’ll be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this year and look back with gratitude on all that DelVal has helped us accomplish.”

--Joanne DaCunha ’86