Visiting or non-matriculated students, defined as students who are not seeking a degree or certificate but wish to enroll in graduate-level classes at DelVal, may request a registion via the Visiting Student Registration form. An application for admission is not required for visiting students. The upcoming class schedule can be viewed on myDelVal.

Please note that not all graduate programs accept visiting students, so please consult with the individual graduate program director.

Graduate Program Contacts

Counseling Psychology: Julia Colvin, 215.489.6362
Public Policy: Julia Colvin, 215.489.6362
Criminal Justice: Danielle Pedrotty, 215.489.4975
MBA: Catherine Sinclair, 215.489.4840
Master's Education: Leonard Schwartz, 215.489.4452
Doctoral Education: Dr. Todd Fay, 215.489.4469