Q & A with Tess Stahl ’17 livestock science and management, dairy science minor

When applying for colleges, what made you interested in DelVal?
I actually transferred here. This is my fourth school in the last seven years; in that time, I switched majors, switched future goals, and wound up back home getting an associate’s degree. I did not have to make a hasty decision on my final four-year institution. When touring DelVal, I fell in love with the building architecture and the emphasis on agriculture college beginnings. On my tour, it was made apparent that the class sizes were small, which is what I was looking for coming from the last four-year school with hundreds of students in one lecture hall. I was also impressed with the amount of clubs/organizations dedicated to agriculture and livestock, giving me ample opportunities to get involved outside of my major while still applying knowledge I learn in my classes. The proximity of the farms to campus excited me with the idea of future opportunities of classes/working at the farms, and I was equally as impressed with the hands-on learning that DelVal focuses on.

What is your favorite part about participating in student research at DelVal? 
The best part about student research is having the opportunity to perform research specified to my interests, and expanding upon prior knowledge of dairy calves and housing; specifically, my research expands upon how different kinds of housing will affect growth and development of calves.

How does participation in student research enhance your college experience?
Supporting the information I learn in classes with hands-on experience I can conduct on my own (outside of the lab periods and outside of my normal work at DelVal’s dairy). Doing this prepares me for my future of focusing on dairy calf nutrition.

What do you hope to do after college?
Graduate school to continue my education in dairy science, specifically studying animal nutrition. I am planning on focusing solely on calf nutrition and anticipate obtaining an assistantship to aid in research being performed on calf growth/health.