The need for chemists in many related and vastly different areas makes for a broad field of study. The chemistry program at DelVal addresses that diversity. The Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry is approved and certified by the American Chemical Society, a distinction which ensures a high-quality program of study empowering its graduates to be successful in a competitive job market. Both rigor and requirements of a certified degree confer a credential of nationwide recognition valued by potential employers and graduate schools.

Our degree in chemistry offers a specialization in biochemistry.

high-quality program in chemistry

A high-quality program in chemistry not only establishes a strong scientific foundation that meets the demands of a career at the baccalaureate level, but also provides the background to pursue advanced studies at the graduate level. The curriculum at DelVal fulfills this need by encompassing the traditional areas of chemistry (analytical, biochemical, general, inorganic, organic, and physical), as well as advanced coursework in mathematics and physics. An important hallmark of the chemistry program is the practical approach that faculty exercise while training students. Modern instrumentation provides the opportunity for hands-on experience in qualitative and quantitative methods. The development of communication, research, leadership, and teamwork skills is an integral part of the program.

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