The biology department offers a curriculum that provides the student with a broad core of background information in biology and related disciplines. This prepares the student for many careers in biology, or for advanced study in the health professions or graduate school.


Graduates with a degree from the Department of Biology have:

  • Pursued additional training in the fields of Veterinary Medicine, Human Health Care, and Allied Health
  • Worked within the pharmaceutical industry
  • Worked within various government agencies
  • National Park Service
    • United States Department of Agriculture
    • United States Food and Drug Administration
    • United States Fish and Wildlife Service
    • United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Worked with Environmental Consulting Firms
  • Worked with animals in Zoos
  • Served as Animal advocates in Conservation and Animal Welfare Programs
  • Worked in the Education Sector
  • A series of biology and free elective course options offer the student the opportunity to specialize in an area of his or her own choosing.