Delaware Valley University offers students the chance to study several different animal science specializations, including conservation and wildlife management. However, those who wish to focus on conservation but want to pursue a career in the zoo and aquarium field can take specially designed zoo science courses.

Students who decide to study zoo science at Delaware Valley University will focus on zoo and aquarium management and captive wildlife conservation. These two areas of study will include topics such as aquarium management, care, behavior, disease, handling, husbandry, nutrition and training. Delaware Valley University is one of only three four-year programs in the country that offers a zoo science degree.

Pursuing a Zoo Science Degree

Students who dream of working at a zoo or aquarium will be taught everything that they need to know at Delaware Valley University's zoo science program. Not only is the University one of only three schools to provide such an in-depth zoo science program, but the University was also the first institution to offer training in the ZIMS, the animal record keeping system.

Students will be given both classroom instruction as well as hands-on instruction. Delaware Valley University boasts more than 1,000 acres of land used in several courses as a living classroom, an on-campus colony of Allegheny woodrat, two small animal science labs and a strong relationship with five partner zoos, aquariums and museums within the surrounding area.

Students who decide to pursue a zoo science degree will take several classes that include Biological Science, Wild Animals in Captivity, Animal Behavior, Anatomy and Physiology of Animals and more.

In addition to the wide selection of animal science courses and zoo science-specific classes, students will also be required to complete an animal care internship and a public education internship at one of the University's five partner institutions, which include:

  • New Jersey Adventure Aquarium
  • Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Elmwood Park Zoo
  • Lehigh Valley Zoo

Zoo Science Career Opportunities

Not only do students pursuing a zoo science degree receive comprehensive in-depth classroom instruction, they will have real-world hands-on experience due to their required internships. This kind of education and experience makes it much easier for graduates to successfully pursue a career in environmental education or to become a zoo or aquarium professional. Many graduates are also able to further their education at graduate school or veterinary school.

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