The world of media is constantly changing, and communication continues to be the most sought-after skill employers want in any career. Our degree in media and communication will allow you to explore your creative side using the latest technology available. If you’ve thought about exploring ideas, language, visual communication, web design or any of the many possibilities awaiting with a major in media and communication, then our small but dedicated faculty will work with you one-on-one or in very small classes to help you realize your dreams.

What Can I Do With a Media and Communication Degree From Delaware Valley University?

We equip our media and communication students with the tools to succeed in any field that requires strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our students become an asset for a variety of professions. Excellent communication skills are essential in nearly every industry that requires interfacing with clients and creative colleagues. A degree in media and communication can lead to a successful career in business, marketing, journalism, TV and film, human resources, public relations and advertising. Some even go on to pursue digital media, law and education.

Excellent Faculty and Staff

The communications field is always changing and adapting to new trends. That's why it is important to be a part of a program that stays ahead of the curve. Our faculty are experts in their field and have worked for nationally published newspapers, cable television and other areas within the communication industry. They have presented at conferences on topics ranging from composition studies to popular culture, and have helped English department majors and minors to present their work as well. DelVal's media and communication faculty includes playwrights and Bucks County’s youngest Poet Laureate. Faculty members have received awards from the Mid-Town Manhattan Theater Festival, Stage Door Productions One Act Play Festival, Stage Left Theatre and Dubuque Fine Arts Players. Our professors are passionate about their craft and are active in the media world.

Experience360 for Media and Communication

The Experience360 Program is designed to shape students into leaders in their chosen career, giving them substantial 100 percent real-world, hands-on experience by graduation. Through this program, degree candidates will receive an immersive education designed to integrate with what they are studying in the classroom. Students are required to complete a specific amount of hours in an experiential learning component tailored to the media and communication degree. The Experience360 Program starts with an introductory professional development course and culminates with a co-curricular component that includes interning, doing community service, conducting student research or studying abroad.

At DelVal, learn to shoot and edit your own videos, design web pages, create documents for print or digital media, and, most importantly, communicate clearly to a variety of audiences in various formats. A media and communication degree can compliment a minor in any field you want, whether it is in the sciences, humanities, social sciences or agricultural science. Many of our students apply their media skills to another passion, like equine studies or business. Some also pursue graduate studies. The possibilities for your future at DelVal are only limited by your imagination.

Contact Linda Maisel, Lasker Hall, 215.489.2923 for more information.