A Love for Learning, Languages, and New Experiences
by Madison Moore '15

Learning new languages was a top priority for Kristy Poisson ’16, so she took advantage of DelVal’s unique Experience360 Program and decided to take a semester to study abroad.

Poisson majored in English literature at the University, but studied Japanese on her own for the past two years. She’s taking it to the next level by spending a semester at Sophia University, Tokyo, with the study abroad company CIEE.

“So far this has been the greatest experience of my life,” said Poisson. “I’ve learned so much about this new culture and language and most importantly, about myself.”

When arrived at the University, she had a personal goal to travel to a different country. Poisson worked with Study Abroad Coordinator Matt Kaminski and Dr. Linda Maisel, English department chair, to make her goal a reality.

Poisson said both were extremely helpful in guiding her so that she could fulfill her passion to immerse herself in Japanese culture.

“Had I not gone to DelVal and been able to communicate my intentions clearly to the staff, and had the support of E360, I might not have realized this goal of studying abroad,” said Poisson.

She said that this experience overseas gave her a different perspective of the world and that it is much larger than she expected. Poisson said she gained a new appreciation for her own country having experienced life abroad.

“The world is a much bigger, real, attainable place if you simply have the courage to go out and find it,” said Poisson.

She planned on exploring much of the world after she graduated and also would like to continue her study of Japanese and join the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program to teach English as a second language in Japan. Afterwards, she would like to try to go to graduate school for something like linguistics.

“I love learning and being a student so any path that leads to continuing my education is the path that I will most likely follow,” said Poisson.