Many people pursue a crop science degree because agriculture is one of the biggest sectors of our national economy, which means that there are many career opportunities available in the field. Here at Delaware Valley University, we offer a crop science program that will prepare graduates for a successful career in crop science.

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Our program combines a thorough classroom education along with hands-on experience. Students will learn how to manage soils, crops and resources as well as take classes in management and science. They will gain hands-on experience by working at one of our three farms, in our 12,000 feet of modern greenhouse space and in our 500 acres of field crops.

Career Opportunities in Crop Science

The combination of classroom education and real-life experience contributes to our 100 percent job placement rate upon graduation. Our graduates pursue careers in several different crop science-related fields, including as crop consultants, researchers, growers, extension agents, farm managers and even as sales representatives for fertilizer, equipment, pesticide and seed companies.

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