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Regenerative Design Strategies to Improve Quality of Life

Do you want to be a designer and discoverer? A scientist, artist and steward of our environments?  An explorer, inventor and problem solver?  Perhaps you wish to be them all!

If so, then join our team of students, faculty and practitioners in the landscape architecture program at DelVal.  As a student, you will develop your capabilities as a future landscape architect through our unique Regenerative Design Process.  Regeneration of our natural and human systems is a process by which these systems grow and evolve on their own in a healthy way.  As landscape architects, we cannot design regeneration, but we can design the stage to give regenerative processes the best chance for success. 

You will explore problems solving strategies in both theory and practice as we balance the study of existing works with real site, real stakeholder projects.   Our design studios combine hand drawings with computer graphics to uncover the story of place and to communicate a vision for its future.  You will learn practical, hands-on building practices to accompany your designs, ensuring a well-rounded set of skills and knowledge to prepare you for the industry or graduate school.

Science and art…books, theory and practice…pencil and hammer…plants and paving…people and nature…urban and rural…food and energy…microscopes and macroclimates…leadership and management…social justice and cultural history…ecological restoration and land stewardship… agriculture and horticulture.

Experience…the passion of creating meaningful places.
Gardens, parks and plazas…school and healthcare campuses…waterfronts and storefronts…urban agriculture and real estate development…streetscapes and moonscapes…rooftop gardens and water management systems…land assessments and feasibility studies…design and build.

Experience…Landscape Architecture!

Major in landscape architecture and we'll help prepare you for the following career positions:

  • Landscape architecture and interdisciplinary firms
  • Landscape design/build companies
  • Public and non-profit environmental agencies
  • Entrepreneurial design/build/stewardship start-ups
  • Environmental stewardship organizations
  • Graduate school

Contact: Michael Fleischacker, Program Administrator