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2019 Breeding Shed Policies

Mare Information

Mares may be trailered to DelVal for breeding by artificial insemination or live cover, as contract dictates. - Notification of transient breeding must be made at the time of semen request. - Mares may be presented for breeding between 12 and 4 PM EST on collection days. Note: Transient breeding or breeding with board is highly recommended for mares booked to CALCHIP'S BRUTE. Breeding by Live Cover may be required for mares booked to DETOUR HANOVER, and will be discussed at the time of contract confirmation. Mare owner/agent may elect to pick up semen for home breeding. - A suitable container must be brought for semen transport. If no container is brought or container is found to be in poor condition, one will be provided at the mare owner's expense. DelVal does not accept semen shippers for trade. - Semen will be available for pickup after 2:00 PM EST MWF and by appointment Saturdays.
Overnight shipment of cooled semen is available with restrictions as noted below. - Shipments made within the continental US and Canada via FedEx on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. - Mares are limited to two (2) shipments per heat cycle; mares on first request are given priority. - All shipping charges are billed directly by FedEx and are not reflected in collection fees.

Owner Information