Delaware Valley University’s Sydney J. Markovitz Equine Breeding Center is home to a thriving broodmare band, a varying number of industry-proven stallions and a rotating cohort of foals, weanlings and yearlings.

The Breeding Center has a full-time stable manager position, with housing on property, as well as student staff who help with the everyday needs of the facility. Equine science and management students have the opportunity to assist with the daily operations of the Breeding Center, as well. Students are an integral part of the horses’ daily routine, including stall cleaning, health care and feeding. They are also guided through tasks such as recognizing and treating lameness and illness, collecting stallions, breeding mares, delivering foals, and presenting yearlings at sales. Students also have the opportunity to work as grooms and horse handlers for outside sale companies and consigners or intern with various industry breeders while completing their degree.

Each horse at the Breeding Center is assigned to a student each semester. The students, who are enrolled in classes such as Stable Management, Horse Breeding Management, and Yearling Horse Sale Management, are responsible for routine grooming and health care of their “care horse,” and all horses on the property are handled on a daily basis.

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