Who owns the horses?

Approximately one-half of the horses are donated; the other half are leased. Leases generally last the duration of the academic year and are often renewed yearly.

How can I lease my horse to the Equine Science and Management Program?

Anyone is welcome to lease his or her horse to the Equine Science and Management Program. The Equestrian Center is home to many student-owned horses.  To begin, please submit a Potential Horse Questionnaire and video of your horse on the flat and over fences (if possible) for review. Once the questionnaire and video is complete, forward to Taylor Adams.

Do I have to bring my own horse?

Students enrolled in the equine studies program are not required to bring their own horses. For those who would like to board their horses locally, we have a list of approximately 30 boarding stables within close driving distances. Many of our students do board their horses close to campus. Email Taylor Adams for information.

Who takes care of the horses?

Freshman students are assigned a horse that he/she will be responsible for throughout during the first year of the program. Students may also apply to work on staff at the equestrian and breeding centers. As an employee, student staff members are responsible for feeding, turnout, and general care of the horses and facilities.

What are the riding opportunities for Equine Science and Management students throughout the academic year?

Typically, equine science and management students who wish to ride as a part of curriculum, ride twice a week for riding skills classes. However, upperclassmen who are enrolled in the special training project class may ride their project horse five days a week. Students may also have extra opportunities to ride through their membership in campus clubs such as the Hunt Seat, Dressage, Western, or Vaulting Teams.

How do I join a team?

Tryouts for teams are held during the first few weeks of school each fall. Notice of meetings and tryouts for those interested in joining either team are posted on the Student Activities Bulletin Board in the Student Center and sent out via campus email.

Are there extra costs associated with this program?

To help defray the costs involved with sustaining a program such as this one, stable fees must be assessed. In addition, there is a required, non-credit orientation program for incoming freshmen in August.