We are proud of our status as a Certified British Horse Society (BHS) Testing Center. With this accreditation, we offer BHS Examinations for certificates in Stage 1 through International Instructor Level 1 at our Equestrian Center.

The BHS is recognized in 32 countries world-wide for its esteemed certification programs for instructors and managers. Through the evaluations performed by the BHS, equine facilities are evaluated and recognized for their excellence in their standards for safety, horse management, and instruction. BHS testing covers riding in the disciplines of dressage, show jumping, and eventing in addition to horse knowledge and care.

Delaware Valley University will be holding a British Horse Society examination this spring at the Equestrian Center. Through obtaining these certifications, your marketability in the equine industry is enhanced as your qualifications are recognized around the world. Please visit the British Horse Society for information regarding each examination's individual requirements outline in syllabus format.

For more information regarding the BHS exams and recommended preparations, please email Breann.Depietro@delval.edu or call at 215.489.2336.

2019 BHS Exam Information

Delaware Valley University Equestrian Center will host British Horse Society Exams for Stage 2, Stage 3, and Stage 2 Teach on May 15-17, 2019.

Registrations and payments are due to DVU by March 1.

Exam Price
Stage 2 Care/Ride/Lunge $750
Stage 2 Care (including Lunge) $400
Stage 2 Lunge only $200
Stage 2 Ride only $400
Stage 2 Teach $750
Stage 3 Care/Ride/Lunge $850
Stage 3 Care (including Lunge) $450
Stage 3 Lunge only $200
Stage 3 Dressage only $250
Stage 3 Jump Only $250

All fees include an annual Overseas E-Membership

For interest in the Stage 1 exam, please email Breann.Depietro@delval.edu.

Please note that there have been revisions to the BHS Exams. The Equine Excellence Skills Record will help to explain the progression of levels.
*It should be noted that registration will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.  Priority is given to DelVal students.
Please be sure to read over the Equestrian Center Dress Code prior to the exam