Dr. Ann Bacon
Abington School District, ann.bacon@delval.edu

  • Program Design, Development and Evaluation

Brenda Jones Bray
Upper Dublin School District, brenda.bray@delval.edu

  • Planning and Managing Financial Resources in K-12

Dr. Virginia Carter

  • Faculty and Academic Governance in Higher Education
  • Higher Education Practicum and Field Experience I and II
  • Contemporary Topics in Higher Education

Dr. Juliet Curci
Temple University, juliet.curci@delval.edu

  • Contemporary Topics in Higher Education

Dr. Todd Fay
Milford Public Schools, todd.fay@delval.edu

  • Leading Comprehensive Student Support Services

Dr. Mark Hoffman
Bucks County Intermediate Unit, mark.hoffman@delval.edu

  • Using and Integrating Learning Technologies

Dr. Donna Jorgensen
Delaware Valley University, donna.jorgensen@delval.edu

  • Policy Development and Analysis in Higher Education

Mark Klein, Esq.

  • Education Leadership and Change Theory
  • Legal and Ethical Leadership

Dr. Kenneth Koczur
Pine Hill School District, kenneth.koczur@delval.edu

  • Negotiations and Conflict Resolution
  • Contemporary Topics in Higher Education

Dr. N. Robert Laws
Delaware Valley University, robert.laws@delval.edu

  • Superintendent Practicum and Field Experience I, II and III

Dr. Joseph Lewis
Delaware Valley University, joseph.lewis@delval.edu

  • School and Community Partnerships and Public Relations
  • Educational Policy, Politics and Current Issues

Dr. Michael Masko

  • Professional Development and Supervision
  • Program Design, Development and Evaluation

Dr. Amanda Mumford
Central Bucks School District, amanda.mumford@delval.edu

  • Introduction to Educational Research
  • Dissertation Preparation (topic development)
  • Research Methods
  • Dissertation Design I (Ch. 1 and 3)

Dr. Christopher Nagy
Burlington County Schools, christopher.nagy@delval.edu

  • Leadership, Diversity and Societal Change

Dr. Joanne Smith

  • Research Methods

Dr. Christopher Tokpah
Delaware County Community College, chris.tokpah@delval.edu

  • Research Methods
  • Dissertation Data Analysis

Dr. April Vari
Delaware Valley University, april.vari@delval.edu

  • Student Services and Co-Curricular Activities in Higher Education

Dr. Alyssa Walloff
Central Bucks School District, alyssa.walloff@delval.edu

  • Dissertation Design II (Ch. 2)

Dr. Jerel Wohl
University of Pennsylvania, jerel.wohl@delval.edu

  • Economic Development of Higher Education Organizations
  • Planning and Managing Financial Resources in Higher Education
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education