DelVal is excited to offer our summer institute again - three courses designed to help teachers acquire the knowledge and skills they need to create and incorporate engaging instructional strategies into their classrooms, meeting the essential needs of the 21st-century learners.

Developed in concert with local school districts and recognized teaching and learning leaders, the courses are available to visiting and matriculated students seeking to continue their professional growth while earning valuable graduate credits from Bucks County’s respected hometown university.

Students will have the opportunity to learn from experienced education professionals whose expertise is in teaching and learning topics and whose skills are widely acknowledged and respected. The program continues the University’s educational philosophy to develop competence in careers that balance theoretical knowledge with rigorous application in professional practice.

By combining knowledge with experience, DelVal’s programs prepare students to function as informed, inquiring and skilled teachers and teacher leaders within the field of education.

The summer online format allows you to maintain career-personal life balance:

  • Accelerated seven-week term - July 8-August 23
  • Online mode compatible with busy summer schedules
  • Regionally competitive tuition - $554/credit + $102 distance learning fee

Course Descriptions

GE-6080-563, Foundations of Instructional Technology for teaching and Learning with Mr. Jason Jaffe

This course is an examination and study of instructional technology for teaching and learning.  Students will have hands-on experience with selected instructional technology for the classroom.  Teachers will be introduced to the issues of copyright law and the process and assessment of instructional technology. This course will focus on technology-related issues in contemporary educational settings. Students will explore; web and computer-based instructional design software, and web 2.0 applications and their instructional value in the classroom. Students must be computer literate in order to benefit from this course.  

GE-6091-563, Assessment Theory and Design to Support 21st Century Instruction with Dr. Alyssa Walloff

This course will provide teachers with the research behind effective assessment practices. From knowing what to assess to when to assess to how to assess, students will learn how to design effective assessments to meet student and teacher needs. Students will learn about design features of various types of assessments, including multiple-choice tests, constructed-response tests, portfolio tasks, and performance assessments. One of the key principles discussed in this course is the essential alignment of assessment with curriculum and instruction.

GE-6093-563 Teaching Math for Success in the 21st Century Elementary Classroom with Michelle Jacobs

In the 21st century, students not only need an in-depth understanding of mathematics but an enthusiasm for using math to innovate and solve real-world problems. This course is designed to provide teachers opportunities to deepen their own mathematical understanding as well as explore the research on how students develop the necessary practices identified in the Common Core Standards as well as NCTM’s Principles and Standards.  Translating their learning into an instructional planning process that purposefully connects the practice and content standards is the overarching goal. Formative assessment techniques, models for differentiation, and various practices for promoting thoughtful discourse will be studied so that teachers can refine the skills necessary to make mathematical understanding accessible to all learners in their communities.