Military Tuition Assistance (TA)

Delaware Valley University is experienced in administering TA for military students who elect to use that education benefit to pay for their courses. The University accepts military TA payments for part-time students in our undergraduate and post-graduate school of Continuing and Professional Studies. TA is not available to full-time students or students in our Ph.D. in Educational Leadership.

The following summarizes the basic steps for arranging for your TA education benefits:

  1. Consult with your unit or base Educational Services Office in order to receive firsthand guidance and information regarding your service’s TA requirements. TA is administered and paid from each service’s own funds. The eligibility requirements, application steps, and processing procedures vary from branch to branch. Your ESO will confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements and review your branch’s application procedures. You must have the required authorization from your branch before you can use your TA education benefit.

  2. Once you have arranged for your TA with your unit or ESO, you can apply for under graduate school courses at by using the “Apply Now” link on that page. If you are interested in pursuing graduate courses, please go to the following link, and once again use the “Apply Now” link in order to apply for your desired graduate program.

  3. In order to earn your B.S. or B.A. degree you will typically be required to earn 120 to 125 credits depending on your chosen degree program. Upon matriculating with the school, you will be provided a degree plan which will show exactly which courses are required for you to earn your degree. If you are pursuing are graduate courses required credit requirements are as follows: MBA 30 credits; Policy Studies 36 credits; and Counseling Psychology 60 credits. Likewise, upon matriculation in one of our Master’s degree programs you will be provided a degree plan which will detail the courses and associated required to earn your degre

  4. After you have been accepted to the school, you will receive a letter from the school providing your user ID and school email address. You will then be able to use your user ID and chosen password to log in to the campus portal at the following link,

  5. For ordering textbooks, go to which will provide you the required textbooks for your specific courses and the cost of the textbooks. Students have the option of purchasing new or used books as well as leasing books. Prices for purchased textbooks range from under $20 to over $200 and depend upon many factors which vary from course to course.

  6. After you have are accepted and registered for your course(s), please contact our Director of Military & Veterans Affairs, Mr. Kerr Smith, at 215.489.2914 or who will assist you in arranging your TA benefits with the school. Should your branch require any certifying documents, he will prepare them for you.

  7. Military students using TA are eligible for our Military Scholars for America (MSA) Scholarship program which reduces the cost of courses to no less than $250/credit or no less than $750 per three-credit course, the amount allowed by TA. 

For your information and convenience, please find below each service’s TA website. They are an excellent source of information.