The Janet Manion Military and Veterans Center at Delaware Valley University was built to honor the memory of Janet Manion and the crucial role that she played in creating the Travis Manion Foundation.

The center, which is located in Elson Hall on the University's main campus, is a gathering place for student-veterans and military members, offering personalized services to fulfill each veteran’s needs. It is a place for veterans, military personnel and their dependents to relax with people with shared experiences between classes, get help with paperwork for educational funding, and get support from staff and peers. Staff at the center provide counseling and college advising to include registration and financial aid. 

The center also houses the staff of Military and Veterans Affairs. The Janet Manion Center provides a private space for military members and veterans, with a dedicated lounge and meeting area, serving as a place for assembling for programs, relaxation, and building peer relationships.

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