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Undergraduate Departments

  • Counseling Psychology

Graduate Departments

  • Counseling Psychology (M.A.)


  • Ph.D., 2008, Human Development, University of Maryland, College Park
    Specialization: Developmental Sciences
    Advisor: Dr. Kenneth H. Rubin
    Dissertation: The best friendships of early adolescents: The role of internalizing symptoms, characteristics of friends, friendship quality, and observed disclosure.
  • M.A., 2001, Developmental Psychology, Columbia University
    Concentration: Developmental Psychopathology
    Advisor: Dr. Suniya Luthar
    Thesis: Links between adolescent depression and peer groups.
  • B.A., 2000, Psychology, Penn State University
    Honors Concentration in Social Psychology: Schreyer Honors College
    Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Pinel
    Thesis: Silent but deadly: The impact of “non-serious” traumas on the psychological immune system


Dr. Allison Buskirk-Cohen holds a doctorate in human development with a specialization in developmental sciences from the University of Maryland. Always fascinated by youth, Dr. Buskirk-Cohen has been researching the social lives of children and adolescents for several years. She is interested in how peer and family relationships impact adjustment, particularly during significant transitions. Dr. Buskirk-Cohen also has become interested in studying teaching and learning in higher education. She is an advocate of learner-centered education, in which the focus is on the process, and how both students and teachers contribute to the learning environment. Lastly, Dr. Buskirk-Cohen studies the impact of technology on our development. Often, her work focuses on technology use for educational purposes, but she also is interested in how technology use impacts our social relationships and intellectual development. At Delaware Valley University, Dr. Buskirk-Cohen proudly serves on several committees, and is active in student organizations. Her work has been published in peer-reviewed journals and advanced textbooks, and presented at academic conferences around the world.

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