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The Vision for Delaware Valley University

Our Vision
Delaware Valley University will be the leader in experiential education, empowering all learners to transform the world.

“This vision articulates Delaware Valley University’s aspiration. It was developed by the Strategic Planning Committee beginning in September 2017, and is based on research, exploration, brainstorming, analysis and extensive input from the University community.” – Mario Gallo, Ph.D., President


Experiential education is our legacy, and it is our future. The mission of our founder, Dr. Joseph Krauskopf, was to improve the social and economic lives of those who came here to learn the science and practice of agriculture. Now, we empower the learners of today and tomorrow to achieve their dreams as they develop the skills and perspectives that the workplace demands, that a global society needs, and that leadership requires. 

At Delaware Valley University, learning never ends. Every moment presents an opportunity for all members of our community to learn, grow, and succeed through experience. 

Opportunity will become reality when all learners of today and new learners of tomorrow, engage, thrive, and excel in relevant academic and educational programs that serve their needs and those of our work- places and communities. 

Opportunity will become reality when our spaces, places, and technology facilitate and support experiential education. 

And, opportunity will become reality when our university culture inspires the creativity to knit experiential education into the fabric of all we do and the collective passion to lead in this endeavor. 

Through the advancement of experiential education, we
will create value that distinguishes a Delaware Valley University education from all others. 


We will pursue our vision through the implementation of an ambitious yet pragmatic strategic plan that ensures we deliver on our mission well into the future. Central to the plan will be collaboratively developed goals and initiatives that align with the priorities that will position us to turn opportunity into reality.



Experiential education is more than being hands-on. It is more long-lasting than a field trip; it is more permanent than an internship; it is more comprehensive than a co-op. Experiential education creates a personalized approach that fully engages the individual for learning that lasts. 

It’s personalized, because experiential education puts the learner front and center. Through direct “hands-on” experiences, paired with focused personal reflection, learning is individually created. 

It’s engaging, because experiential education involves actively applying content to real-life, to real problems, and to real opportunities. 

It’s lasting, because we focus on how to learn, not what to learn. 

Our experiential education philosophy will be embedded throughout all formal and informal teaching environments, in the classroom
and beyond. 


For us, success is more than a retention statistic or graduation rate. Successful students are fully involved with their heads, hands and hearts in their experiences both in and beyond the classroom designed to cultivate learning outcomes aligned to career, leadership, personal and civic success. 

We will leverage the best technology and the latest innovations to enable active learning. We will create places and spaces where all forms of experiential learning can flourish, including classrooms, the library, residence halls, the student center, athletic facilities, our living laboratories and more. 

Students succeed when we focus our collective and collaborative efforts on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that centers on: 

  • Preparation and learning: We will ensure that students are supported with the tools they need for academic pursuits. Our academic programs will be engaging, relevant and innovative, and promote high levels of learning.
  • Connection and engagement: We will facilitate positive connections among students, faculty, and staff to create a learning environment in and out of the classroom in which students feel a sense of community and relationship with diverse people. 

  • Health and wellness: We will promote a sense of health and wellbeing that contributes to student persistence and success in life. A student’s level of wellbeing influences his or her ability to take maximum advantage of the diverse and plentiful learning opportunities that we offer. 

  • Access and support: We will ensure that students can smoothly navigate campus resources because positive experiences with offices and functions across campus contributes to success. Our communications, interactions and wayfinding methods will be seamless and let students know they are valued. 

  • Careers and credentials: We will concentrate on helping students achieve their career objectives and earn relevant credentials resulting in high levels of job and graduate school outcomes and satisfaction. 


As we build for the future, we will expand whom we serve by offering relevant academic and educational programs for learning and enrichment across the lifespan. We will support a culture of agility and flexibility to offer innovative programs that meet a wide range of interests and needs for those ready and eager to expand their opportunities. 

Our strategy is to engage with those who will benefit from experiencing an education, not just receiving one, particularly those who: 

  • Seek opportunities that help them meet their personal and career goals 
  • Value personalized learning opportunities
  • Embrace collaborative and active problem-solving 


To realize our vision, we will champion the creative talents and energies of our faculty and staff. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, professional development, diversity and inclusion, we will create and promote an environment of creativity, agility and flexibility to ensure University growth and success. 

To fully facilitate faculty and staff excellence, we will employ and leverage the best technology and the latest innovations, creating an engaging environment that stimulates and provides life-long learning. 

Likewise, we will build and modernize facilities to encourage collaboration and innovation to achieve our aspirations. 


A great university cannot be created alone. Delaware Valley University will build partnerships and collaborations with the community, businesses and industry to strengthen our operations, open new markets, and expand opportunities for our students. 

With faculty leadership and through partnerships with business and industry, we will design programs that fulfill needs for learning and enrichment. 


A community that thrives together innovates together. We aspire to create an inclusive workplace culture characterized by high levels of collaboration, trust and mutual respect. Culture is the force that binds an organization’s members together. 

We will create the conditions that will facilitate people working together to create excellent results for what we care most about, those who come here to learn. 

Through shared work, shared learning, shared accountability and shared conversation about what matters most, and by living into our core values, we will foster a culture that attracts and retains people passionate about fulfilling our mission. 

The future of higher education and the future of Delaware Valley University require a commitment to “we” – defining and committing to what we can do to come together as one learning community with one purpose.