The Roth Center for Sustainable Agriculture serves as the living laboratory space for Delaware Valley University’s new major in sustainable agriculture. As such, it will demonstrate a production system built on three principles:

  1. Long-term profitability
  2. Good stewardship of environmental resources
  3. High quality of life for the farmer and community.

It will provide space for student lab projects, class demonstrations, and faculty research. Students will have opportunity to gain practical experience in this diverse atmosphere through school-year and summer employment. The community will be invited to observe the various projects, volunteer with garden maintenance, and attend educational programs.

Sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is fresh innovation for an old way of life. A portion of the Roth Center is dedicated to a hands-on demonstration of farm life circa 1890-1910. Farms in that time period often pursued multiple farming enterprises to increase their profitability and provide for their family’s needs. In the last 100 years, many farms have moved away from that diverse model in favor of the increased production and efficiency provided by specializing in a few crops. However, some farms are finding it increasingly difficult to compete in the marketplace and are turning again to the concept of multi-enterprise farms.