Five Spark Bowl Judges will judge the final SPARK BOWL Competition.

A. Spark Bowl Judges:

  • Are selected based on their experience as investors and desire to support
  • Get exposure and community credibility.
  • This exposure will help them in their business and demonstrate their community involvement.

B. Sponsorships:

  • Major Event Sponsor: “The Ignite Sponsor” $10,000
    • One Only
    • Highlighted in print material, advertising, acknowledgement at event opening, prominent recognition in the program and the largest ad or banner shown if the event is televised.
    • Prominent reserved seating for ten at the stage event.
  • Second level Sponsors: “The Firestarters of Entrepreneurship” $5,000 each
    • Only three second level sponsors, with smaller presence, but same highlighting in print, advertising, opening acknowledgement as a major sponsor, but to a lesser degree.
    • Reserved seating for five at the state event.
  • Third level Sponsors: “Innovation Sparks”
    • As many as possible
      • $250.00, Name in program, one seat reserved behind major sponsors
      • $100.00, Name in program only
      • $50.00, Name in program only

Sponsors: for all inquiries please contact, or call (215) 489-4865