Is it worth entering even though I think I don’t have a chance to win?

  • Of course, you may learn from others how to prepare a better presentation for your idea.

Can I find out about ways to build a business plan?

  • Absolutely, the Small Business Administration has information online as does the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce and Pennsylvania State Department of Commerce.
  • Finalists will also have support of Student Support Teams/Advisors to help refine/clarify plans.

Does my business have to be just for Bucks County?

  • No, but what your business can do for Bucks County is an important criteria that will be considered.

Is there an entry fee?

  • No.

If I don’t win, can I find out why? And maybe try again next year?

  • Yes and yes (as long as you meet the eligibility criteria).

Are non-profits eligible to win?

  • Absolutely.