Coordinators (Kelly Hojnacki, Evelyne Hopkins, Laura Rambo, Sarah Masucci) work with each committee to provide support and direction, as well as, lead key planning and implementation elements.

Engagement Committee (Chairs: Marian Schad and Sarah Masucci) works to complete the tasks and use the tools associated with the INVITE and ENGAGE steps of the Green Dot program.

Overview Committee (Chairs: Evelyne Hopkins and Sarah Masucci) works to coordinate Overview Talks for DelVal community members.

Bystander Committee (Chairs: Carey Haddock and Kelly Hojnacki) works to coordinate Bystander Trainings for DelVal students.  

Action Events and Social Marketing Committee (Chairs: Andee Fisher and Laura Rambo) works toward completing the tasks associated with the STRENGTHEN step, which includes planning and implementing action events.

Evaluation Committee works to develop an evaluation plan and shares results with campus community and the Green Dot team.